40 years of electrical maintenance

Kent Electrical is a specialist provider of electrical and support services. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand a task, develop solutions and execute our work quickly and efficiently.

From the smallest repair or installation to the design and construction of large industrial projects, we have worked Australia wide and internationally.  Our approach is consistent: be responsive, provide complicit services, value for money and execute with no fuss. Kent Electrical has a strong commitment to safety, and we guarantee customer satisfaction with every job we do.

Our clients include:

For the past 30 years Kent Electrical has provided specialised design and maintenance services for the NSW Police Force weapons training ranges.
Electrical personnel to assist with the Timor-Leste support of the Australian Defence Force. Electrical support for the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) spanning 14 years from the initial deployment.
Design and installation of complex security and emergency backup systems at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort (GBR) during Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands.
Supply of electrical installation and maintenance personnel during the initial recommissioning of the Solomon Island mine site.
Electrical design and manufacture of power data cabinets for the Wheatstone Liquified Natural Gas project perimeter camera install in Onslow, WA.
Electrical maintenance and compliance services at the Port Kembla terminal.
Electrical and mechanical services for six years until the decommissioning of the site in Newcastle, NSW.
Electrical and mechanical services for the vacuum discharge of paper products throughout the Eastern Australian ports of Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide.
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Remote site design & construction projects

Kent Electrical has a strong track record in leading design and construction projects in Australia and overseas, and providing in-country electrical compliance support for the RAMSI Mission 2003-2017.

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